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Welcome to my website!


I'm a cross-cultural researcher investigating the development of imagination and its role in scientific and religious thinking. 

By drawing on theories of cultural learning and employing a mixed-methods approach (i.e., experiments, interviews, parent surveys, parent-child conversations), my research explores how children from different cultural backgrounds learn what is real and what is possible. For more information on my research, see my previous and ongoing projects here and check out my publications here.

I also have a keen interest in history of psychology and psychological theories, and coauthored a widely-cited paper on the (mis)usage  of Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Theory, and several other papers on this topic  which you can find on my publications page.

In my spare time I love to sketch, play the oud,  and embroider.  I also love the sea and the color green.


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